Noyes Home in the Media

There’s always something great happening within the walls of the Noyes Home, from community events to weekly activities for the children and teens who live here. Recently we have been opening our doors even wider to encourage the children and their families by showing them that the community does care about their future and is willing to help along the journey.

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Events Calendar:
Part of a “normal” childhood is experiencing different events around the community and with siblings. The Noyes Home provides several opportunities throughout the year for the children and teens who live here, and we encourage individuals with ideas or talents to share to get involved in enriching a child’s life.

Recent events and annual events include:

  • Basketball with MWSU: The MWSU basketball team comes regularly to shoot some hoops in a fun atmosphere with the children and teens who live at the Noyes Home.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Many children and teens living at the Noyes Home remain with us during the holidays, and we want to create as many special memories as possible. Groups can provide holiday crafts, parties, special meals and gifts if they choose to help a child feel loved during this time of year. It is an incredibly rewarding experience!

Do You Have a Class You Could Offer? From photography and art to scrapbooking, sports, gardening and more, we’re open to ideas about offering great learning experiences to our residents. Is there something you or a group you’re in could come on-site and teach?

Special Events:
The support we receive from the generous St. Joseph community each year is much-appreciated. It sends the message to the children who call the Noyes Home their home that the community really does care about them. Local fundraisers given by people in the local community help raise awareness and financial support for the Noyes Home, as we have remained self-funded for more than a century.