COVID-19 Update as of 5/5/2020:

We are confirming the Noyes Home has had a staff member test positive for COVID-19. We have been in communication with Buchannan County Health Department and the Division of Social Services to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep our residents and staff safe. We had a plan in place in the event that this occurred and have successfully implemented the plan as of yesterday evening. We are so grateful to our staff who stepped up to help during this challenging time!


COVID-19 — A Message to our Community

COVID-19 Visitor Update as of 3/18/2020:


Through the State of Missouri’s “Champions for Children” program, all monetary donations made to the Noyes Home during 2017 equaling $100 or more will qualify the donor to earn up to 50% of their contribution back in the form of a Tax Credit!

The Noyes Home For Children – A Safe Place To Call Home
Love lives here…
For more than 120 years, the Noyes Home has been a place where a child who is facing a family crisis feels safe, and can just be a child, until the family is able to get back on its feet. The Noyes Home is a place where a family facing eviction or a job loss can talk about their next steps with professionals while their children are cared for with kindness and compassion — for a few days, or a couple of weeks, while they find a solution. It’s where a teen finds friendship, security and a positive environment to continue attending high school if a parent has become incarcerated or is unable to care for him.

We need this home…
Experiences with homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, imprisonment, and illness can affect any family. Sometimes the stress and consequences of those hardships can affect children so intensely that parents realize they need to find a temporary safe place for their children. Noyes Home offers that safe and nurturing home-away-from-home. Infants, children and teens can live at the Noyes Home for as long as needed while a family strives to find solutions, with service provided until a child turns 18. There is no financial obligation to the family.

The Noyes Home is, above all, a home.