“Champions for Children” Tax-Credit Program

“Champions For Children” Tax-Credit IMG_20140718_111740_727The Children, staff, and board of the Noyes Home for Children cannot begin to express our appreciation for your past charitable contributions. This year the Noyes Home is celebrating its “120th Anniversary,” a fact that could not have been realized without the generosity of our community. In 2013 alone, our home provided care to over 400 children, 249 of whom were completely new to Noyes Home. With the establishment of our nursery and pre-k facilities, the Noyes Home has increased its services and now can offer care to all children ages birth to 18 years of age that need us. However, continual needs have a way of exceeding our means. Not only has the Noyes Home been providing care for a continually growing number of children, the needs of the children coming to us have increased substantially. For this reason the State of Missouri has recognized the Noyes Home for Children as being eligible to offer all of our generous donors an extra incentive for their gifts. Through the State of Missouri’s “Champions for Children” program, all donations made to the Noyes Home during 2021 equaling $100 or more will qualify the donor to earn 50% of their contribution back in the form of a Tax Credit!As seen in the chart below, this program offers a real “win-win” to all those who donate to the Noyes Home for Children. Not only will you earn 50% of your donation back as a
tax credit, but your donation will go to the continual support of our home and our children.

Champions for Children Tax Credit Information

cfc table

Your generous gifts will go towards the fulfillment of the many needs of the home. The current list includes many different needs such as:

  1. The purchase and upkeep of passenger vans for the transportation of our children.
  2. The creation of a “Therapeutic Garden” for children which encourages physical and mental stimulation.
  3. Funds to support activities outside of our home such as passes for the children to go to Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun, sporting events, art and theatre venues, and other special events.
  4. Repairs to our kitchen facility. Preparing three meals each day and snacks for 32-40 children daily puts a lot of wear on our kitchen’s appliances, so repairs and replacements are needed.
  5. And of course there is always the need to support our general operating functions here at the Noyes Home for Children. Supporting these costs may not seem as important, but due to the fact that our home receives no State or Federal funding, general operating is the most important financial need we have. General operating includes the day-to-day costs of keeping our doors open to the children of our community; food, clothing, diapers, professional staffing, etc. This year the Noyes Home for Children must raise approximately $500,000 to cover expenses associated with the care and services we provide to our children.

more pics 013Again, we thank you for your past generosity, and encourage you to take advantage of the amazing tax benefits offered by the “Champions for Children” program. Please clarify that you wish to receive the tax credit benefits by identifying your donation as a “CFC Donation.” These benefits expire December 31, 2014. If you have any questions or need additional information about “Champions for Children” benefits, please feel free to contact the Noyes Home for Children. Also, if you or your organization would be interested in hosting a fundraiser for the children of the Noyes Home, please contact us.

Thank you so much for your support. If not for the generosity of individuals and organizations like you, the Noyes Home for Children would never have been able to play such a positive role in the lives of the thousands of children that have come through our doors over the last 120 years.