In 1894, a local St. Joseph manufacturer and long term contributor and supporter of the Home of the Friendless, Charles Noyes, offered to build, furnish and endow a suitable home for the children providing LUBA would undertake the management. Charles and his wife, Serepta, had lost four of their own children and it is believed that the couple felt that a home for children would be a fitting memorial to their own. For $25,000 Mr. Noyes purchased the land and built what is now known as the Noyes Home. Thirty nine children were transferred from the Home of the Friendless and that site was turned over the care of older adults and eventually changed its name to the Memorial Home for the Age, today known as Meadowview Senior Community.

For over 120 these doors have been open to needy children of St. Joseph and surrounding areas. All of our children come to us from a variety of circumstances, be either unsafe home environment or abuse. Many find their way through our doors looking for nothing more than a temporary safe environment to call home while their families straighten out home life. All services we provide to our children are at absolutely no cost to the families. Having never received governmental support or united way support, NH has completely depended upon their investments and the charitable donations of the community to keep our doors open all these years.

Charles Noyes and his wife Serepta are buried in St. Joseph Missouri at Mount Mora Cemetery in Section B, Lot 17, along with his four children Sarah Noyes, Susan Noyes, Newton Noyes, and Tyrene Noyes Gosney. Because of his humanitarianism and mission to serve the poor, Charles Noyes is memorialized throughout St. Joseph Mo including Noyes Blvd, Noyes Place Apartments, and Noyes Elementary School.

Noyes Home Beginnings  Noyes Home Beginnings