Revival of the Noyes Home For Children Orchard

In 1894, it was the dream of Charles Noyes to not only provide a charitable home for little wanderers, but also have a garden and orchard to help feed everyone who would call his home their home. Special thanks to the many local businesses  that contributed to the revival of the orchard at the Noyes Home For Children. The Noyes Home for Children received grants from KCP&L, as well as the HEAL Grant from the City of Saint Joseph.  We also partnered with Moffett Nursery for the plants and they donated the labor to build the benches.  Funds were donated by Danisco-DuPont for the materials related to the seating area and fire pit project.  We had volunteers yesterday from KCP&L, as well as Moffett Nursery.  Also Steve Adams has helped all along the way with all of this project. St. Joseph is a generous community to be a part of!