Safe Place for Children

Safe Place for Children “The Noyes Home was and always will be considered one of my homes; it was always the place I knew I would be safe and loved. Being placed at Noyes Home wasn’t just a blessing, it saved my life.” Phallen Ward, college student and former resident; YWCA Women of Excellence nominee

Hundreds of children have walked through the doors of Noyes Home and found an atmosphere in which they could learn, grow, make friends, play, and get healthy meals and a good night’s sleep. Children typically range in age from six to 18, and the average age served at the Noyes Home is 12 years old. Buy Vigora.

Why Do Children Come to Noyes Home? In 2011, 126 children were admitted to Noyes Home. Most children are admitted because they need a safe shelter in which to temporarily live. Other children stay here for behavioral intervention, foster care or respite care. Some children stay here for a day, while others may stay for a few years. Safety is a top priority, and the Noyes Home follows a set of admission guidelines to ensure that children can learn, grow and succeed together in an atmosphere of nonviolence.

Safe Place for Children In keeping with Charles’ Noyes original vision in 1894, The Noyes Home is so much more than just a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home. Staff members are professionally trained in multiple areas of child development and care. Community members such as the United Way, YWCA, Interserv, Community Action Partnership, Children’s Division, Legal Aid, St. and the St. Joseph School District collaborate and offer their support for Noyes Home families.


Community groups frequently offer learning experiences for the residents of Noyes Home:

  • Basketball fun with the MWSU team
  • Cooking classes with a chef from Colombia
  • Gardening in their Noyes Home backyard
  • Holiday parties with local celebrities
  • Group trips to the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs games

While living at the Noyes Home the children also get to enjoy field trips they may otherwise never experience, like going to a Royals game and local cultural events or museums. For many, their time at the Noyes Home remains some of their favorite memories of childhood.

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