What people are saying

When our reunion took place at the home, not too many of us remembered the faces, but the names started coming back. All the stories started coming back also. But I think the best part was that they were all happy ones, and I think that is what counts. I could still feel the warmth, the love, and the feeling of “home”. I guess that is what kids everywhere feel when they come home. We talked about the children that are there now, their smiles, and how happy they seem.

Audrey Colwell (1987) , Los Angeles

At first, we all missed our mother, but we were all very happy to sleep in our own beds and to have enough food that we were never hungry. After awhile, we accepted the fact that we would be lifers. (Lifers are children that grow up at Noyes Home and leave after they graduate from high school.) I suppose that we could have been adopted or fostered out, but my mother was determined to keep us together. Noyes Home provided her with the opportunity. It became the only real home I ever had.

Charlotte Ytell (1987) , Los Angeles

While living at Noyes Home, I was active in sports of all kinds and was on Central’s track team. Also, I helped with the school plays, was in Concert Choir and political-social groups. Much was learned through my participation in church activities and the Upward Bound Program. I can honestly say that I’ll miss the Home when I leave. It’s kind of sad as this HAS been my home. I really don’t want to leave. It’s like asking a bird to leave the nest. But I’m also happy as I’ll be on my own making my own life-decisions based on a really good foundation which I got at Noyes.

Frances Ytell (1980)

For 115 years, the Noyes Home has served as a refuge to children whoa re not able to be with their own families. The Ladies Union Benevolent Association has given their money, their time, and their hearts to provide a safe place for children without the assistance of social or government agencies. They do not accomplish this feat alone.

Margaret O’Malley

God Bless Noyes Home. Often when someone discovers I grew up in a children’s home, they are shocked and quick to express sympathy. That’s when I say, “Don’t feel sorry for me. It is BECAUSE of Noyes Home that I had such a good childhood, really.”

Resident (2009)