What people are saying

“Going to college has been a dream of mine since I can remember. I hit a snag and thought I would never achieve it, but thanks to you I did. I will never forget Noyes Home and all of the support they have given me.”


“Having the Noyes Home as an option gave our family the chance for my mom to adjust and deal with the things in her life so she could properly care for us again. Our family may not have had the opportunity to fully recover and rebuild.”


In 1933 Ralph Hicks was placed at birth in the Home for Little Wanderers (now Noyes Home). As he says, he had “no home, no parents, no food, no clothing.” At that time, he was a ward of the St. Joseph and Buchanan County Humane Society!

A few months later, Ralph was placed with his new parents. He is now 83, living in Wisconsin with his lovely wife Bonnie. For over 20 years they have portrayed Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus in order to give back to children in gratitude for Noyes Home. According to Ralph, “My wonderful life is because I was taken in and given a great start. Without Noyes Home, where would I be? Who would I have become? It changed my life.”

Ralph Hicks

When I was 4 my parents divorced and my father left. My mother became a single parent with 5 young children. The Noyes home provided a safe and welcoming home for my brothers and sisters and I. After a few months my mom found work, rented a house and we left the Noyes home. I pass the Noyes home everyday and everyday I have warm, safe, fond memories of the time I lived there. Thank you, Mr. Noyes, and thank you LUBA.


Many adults who grew up in the embrace of the Noyes Home walls recall some wonderful memories that were created here. Not only is a sense of comradery and a “sibling” atmosphere created at the Noyes Home, but volunteer mentors, host families, and many other community partners have all brought smiles and educational opportunities to the children.